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Do You Need An Electrical Safety Inspection?

There will be a time when your home or office’s electrical system may no longer meet today’s electrical load, and you may not be aware of this until problems start to develop. One way to prevent both dangerous electrical situations and costly repairs is to have a qualified electrician perform a safety inspection.

Through age and constant use, all appliances, devices, fixtures and other parts of the electrical system gradually deteriorate in terms of performance and quality, and it can be difficult for the average homeowner to determine when a potential problem is brewing. A professional electrician can inspect the electrical system in your home or business and determine if repairs or replacements need to be made, and if the wiring is compliant with the latest electrical safety codes.

If your home is more than 20 years old, or if you experience things such as flickering lights, fuses that blow often, or circuit breakers that frequently trip, you should definitely consider having a professional electrician perform a safety inspection. Other signs of potential problems include outlets that are discolored or hot to the touch, or emit either crackling or buzzing sounds.  By taking the time to have your electrical system inspected now, you can avert danger and costly repairs in the future.

Useful Tips to Save Energy At Home

It’s not just electricity that can deliver a shock—the bill you receive from the power company can also be quite shocking. Electrical bills are often one of the highest utility bills and therefore it is important that you take steps to make your home as efficient as possible. The following are some tips which may help you make your home more efficient and thereby lower your electrical bills.

  • Altering your light bulbs to fluorescent ones may help you minimize the cost of your energy bills. Incandescent light bulbs actually use more electrical energy than fluorescent ones since they waste more of it on heat.
  • Refrigerators and freezers use a lot of electricity. If possible, replace old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models. The money you pay for a newer model will come back to you over time as you save on your electrical bill. Also, avoid placing your fridge too close to the wall. This will enable it to cool more efficiently with less power.
  • Make a habit out of turning off lights every time you leave a room. Even if you think you will be coming back into the room right away, turn the lights off anyway. Leaving the room unattended with the lights switched on can lead to as much as thirty minutes or more of squandered energy if done several times a day.

By making just a few changes around your home, you can significantly lower the amount of electricity you are using and potentially lower your electric bill as well.