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Woodland Trails, GA multi-unit electrical project

Palmetto Electric was contracted for the Woodland Trails LaGrange, GA multi-unit project:

Woodland Trails LaGrange, GA.
11 buildings 372 Units
Club House
Completion date July 2009

Palmetto Electric multi-unit electrical project LaGrange, GA

What should you consider before hiring a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians are the best choice for any electrical work, upgrades, or repairs that your business needs, but it still pays to ask a few key questions before hiring one.

Experience and licensing are two key areas to look at when hiring a commercial electrician. You’ll want to make sure they have the necessary experience for the type of job you need done, as well as having the required licensing according to state and federal laws. Any electrical contractor that you are considering for hire should be able to show that they possess the current and valid licenses required in your state.

Another key question is timing—any commercial electrician whom you hire should be able to provide you with a good estimate of start/finish times. It’s also a good idea to make sure the payment terms are detailed up front, specifying how and when the job will be paid. Many commercial electricians will require a deposit up front with the remainder being paid after the work is completed.

By taking the time to ask these questions up front, you and your commercial electrician can ensure that you both agree on the terms and conditions of the work that needs to be done, as well as the estimated completion time and payment details.

Electrician Multi-family housing

With the current housing market, more and more builders are opting for multi-family projects instead of single-family homes. When building multi-residential or apartment homes, builders need the services of an electrical company who is experienced in this type of construction.

Designing, installing, and maintaining the electrical wiring and lighting in apartment complexes, condos, or other multi-family buildings is different from the traditional single family home. In addition to the lighting and wiring required for the living spaces inside the dwelling, there are other concerns such as outside lighting, security, fire and burglar alarm systems, and overall energy efficiency.

Whether you are planning on construction multi-family dwellings from scratch, or are renovating existing structures, make sure that you choose an electrical contractor with experience in this area. They will have the specialized tools and knowledge needed to ensure your building is safe and efficient, as well as compliant with current electrical codes and regulations. In addition, they can provide extremely valuable advice on ways to increase energy efficiency, as well as helping you to choose the types of lighting which will work best in your building. When it comes to items such as security lights or alarm systems, utilizing a company experienced in multi-residential or apartment buildings can make a significant impact on the safety of your building as well as the overall operating costs.

Commercial Electrician and Lighting

When selecting lighting for any type of business, consulting with a commercial electrician before making any lighting decisions can certainly pay off. Lighting can have a significant impact on employee productivity, and it pays to give careful consideration to the type of lighting you will be installing. A commercial electrician will be able to explain the impact of lighting on employee productivity, safety, and overall workplace satisfaction.

If you need to upgrade older lighting in an existing business, a commercial electrician can provide valuable input there as well. By improving old or insufficient lighting, you can reduce employee eyestrain as well as aid in diminishing fatigue and increasing alertness. This can have an overall effect of increasing employee satisfaction, which helps to reduce employee turnover.

By working with a commercial electrician, you can take advantage of their knowledge and training to make the best lighting choices for your business. They will be able to advise on what is required, what is safest, and what is recommended based upon the type of business and number of employees you have. Instead of trying to guess what types of lighting will work best for your business, let a commercial electrician guide you through that process.

Commercial Electrician and businesses

When businesses require electrical work, it’s always best to retain the services of a commercial electrician. Commercial electricians have the specific training and expertise needed to ensure that any and all work will be done to the required specifications. Commercial electricians have to know more than just basic wiring and electrical codes. They also have to have an understanding of the different sizes of wires needed to handle amperage and voltage used in commercial construction. In addition, they also need to be experienced at reading blueprints and familiar with all types of construction materials.

Commercial wiring is different from residential wiring, and requires specific knowledge. For example, the legal requirements and electrical codes are often different for commercial properties. If the wiring is not done correctly, you could face steep fines and may even have to close your business until the necessary changes are made.

In addition to fines and lost business, another big area of concern is safety. Faulty wiring can lead to fires, which endanger everyone in the building as well as surrounding structures. If your business is damaged as a result of fire due to incorrect wiring, it may not even be covered by your insurance.

To protect your employees and your investments, use a commercial electrician for any electrical work on your place of business.

Reasons to hire a qualified commercial electrician

If you’re a business owner, you understand that downtime can cost you both money and customers. When you experience electrical issues that prevent your business from running smoothly, you need them to be corrected quickly and efficiently so that you can continue to serve your customers.

By using a company which offers commercial electrical services, you can minimize the impact electrical problems have on your bottom line. Commercial electricians understand the urgency when problems disrupt your business, and are prepared to respond accordingly. A quality commercial electrician will arrive at your business with both the knowledge and the tools to handle just about any situation. They have completed more extensive training then residential electricians, and continually stay up to date on modifications or addendum’s to current electrical codes.

Commercial electricians also differ from residential electricians in that they have the specific knowledge required to help you find determine the best methods at the lowest costs whether you are repairing existing wiring or involved in new construction. They are experienced at reading blueprints, and can easily troubleshoot and repair most electrical systems. Consult an experienced commercial electrician to learn how to minimize electricity costs and maximize efficiency within your business, or if you need to upgrade existing wiring or add additional electrical units.

Professional Electrician Commercial Property

If you own any commercial property, you will need a professional electrician at some point. In order to save time, money, and potential liability, hiring an electrical firm which is experienced in commercial electrical services is the best solution.

An experienced commercial electrician will have up to date knowledge of all pertinent building codes and regulations pertaining to electricity. In addition, they will be experienced in dealing with the tight timelines that are found on any commercial project. They are used to working around high traffic areas, and will be both quick and professional.

In any commercial property, there will be some areas which require specific knowledge such as lighting, security alarms, and emergency power solutions. An experienced commercial electrician will understand the importance of all of these and be able to repair, maintain, or replace as needed.

When you hire a firm with experience in commercial projects, you should expect a timely response and technicians who understand how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. In choosing a company for your commercial electrical needs, look for one that has convenient operating hours and who can dispatch qualified technicians in well-stocked vehicles who are ready to troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of common electrical problems.

Electrician Commercial Property

Finding the right electrical contractor for your business takes time, but it is necessary to make sure they have the right skills and experience to fit your needs. Commercial electrical work is quite different from residential work, and there are different rules, regulations, and building codes which must be taken into consideration on any commercial project. Whether you are renovating existing commercial property, or building new office space, apartments, or condominiums, you need to hire an electrician who understands the specific requirements.

When working on a commercial property, there are things to be considered which are not typically part of residential projects. Whether you are renovating existing commercial space or building from scratch, there will be different types of electrical lights as well as power sources to be considered. Things such as generators, back-up lighting systems, and alarms must all be considered on any non-residential space. The back-up systems must be properly installed and maintained to ensure they will work correctly if an emergency does occur.

If you have taken on the task of turning a residential property into a commercial one, your electrician needs to be aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and any requirements which pertain to accessibility. These must all be met before the building can be used for commercial purposes.

All of these factors can come into play on any type of commercial construction or renovation, which is why hiring an experienced commercial electrical firm makes all the difference.