heating safety tips

As we head into winter and the temperatures begin to drop, many of us will be turning on our furnaces for the first time since last winter. During the summer months, dust can settle on an unused furnace, and will burn off the next time the furnace is turned on. To be safe, the first time you turn on the heater for the season, run it on a warm day and with all the windows open. If the smoke turns black and the furnace starts to rumble, leave the building immediately and call 911.

If you plan on using alternate heat sources such as space heaters, keep these safety tips in mind:

· Space heaters are temporary, supplemental heating devices; use them only for a limited time each day and never overnight or while sleeping.
· Read and follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
· Place the heater on a level, hard and nonflammable floor; not on rugs, carpets or furniture.
· Turn off the space heater if you leave the area.
· Place space heaters at least 3 feet away from anything flammable such as bedding and drapes.
· Keep children and pets away from space heaters and don’t allow kids to adjust the controls or move the heater

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